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a straight-up masterpeice

No more, no less. I like to think this will be discovered some day.

This actually

Really blew me away. Most of the C&H shorts are one minute toons for a 5 second joke, but this one took that to the extreme and made a masterpiece out of an otherwise paper-thin scenario, and it worked excellently.

Every time I watch it I see a new layer of graphical detail I didn't before, such as the subtle way the camera shifts, and the intense detail for background shots which only last a few seconds. Not to mention the amazing cinematics, it reminds one of what a legend you used to be in the portal before you got caught up in Explosm, and how you would use movie-style themes masterfully, blah blah Joe Zombie blah blah.

Not to mention, you only made your last short a relatively little while before this one and you were still making comics every couple of days, so your working efficiency must be mindblowing unless you were working on this in tidbits for like, a year.

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who needs drugs; I was tripping on this masterpeice

LightYagamixRyuk responds:

Omg!?!?! masterpiece?? lol hahah thanks XD

the idea behind this was to make everyone ugly in a disturbing kind of way XD
hahah and the main character came from the idea of what vegeta from dbz would look like if he lost his hair XD and if his hairline was actually what his head was shaped like XD

lol hahah thanks for the high vote :P

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WHY do I like this so much? Or rather, why do I play it so much? The graphics are dull and grey, the gameplay is somewhat bugged in calculating what dodges are physically possible, and it's extremely repetitive, but every day I play a few rounds of this, it drives me crazy.

Maybe it's those kickass glass physics, or the fact that I slowly warp the story from 'Robot Apocalypse' to 'Michael Jackson's Office Job'

Sorry, but when you compare the little dude to MJ in a live costume, you just can't unsee it ever.

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to be honest

If you want a free clone of Geometry Wars, just get GridWars2. At least that doesn't have Chaos Fantasy pervading every facet of the game.

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holy fuckin' shit

the art portal is now defunct because it has served its' purpose in heralding the greatest art ever to grace newgrounds


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